Bengals vs Giants Prediction

Bengals vs Giants Prediction

Welcome to Beast the Odds, back and better than ever with our second edition of Cash Money Lock of the Week. Last week the Bills held to give us our first big win of the season. This week we present another winner for enjoyment and for the remainder of the National Football League (NFL) season Beast the Odds will be providing you with the #1, guaranteed, NFL game prediction of the week. That is right, one game. All you need to do is play and win. Let’s take a look at the Bengals vs Giants prediction for our second Cash Money Lock of this season.


Bengals vs Giants Prediction

The Cincinnati Bengals travel to New York on Monday Night Football to take on the New York Football Giants. Last week the Giants got off to a rocky start against the Philadelphia Eagles getting behind 14-3 in the first quarter. However, Eli Manning came roaring back finishing with 4 Touchdowns in route to the Giants 4th consecutive win. The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off their bye week after squeaking by Week 8 with a tie in London. The Bengals should have lost that game if not for a horrible miss by the Washington kicker.

The Cincinnati Bengals are currently at 3-4 and would be pulling up the rear of the division if not for the 0-10 Cleveland Browns. The Bengals pass defense has been suspect all season ranking 27th against the pass. Final point to be made is the lack of success of Andy Dalton in prime time games. Dalton is notorious for shrinking under the lights in key game situations while on the opposite side of the field sits Eli Manning, an absolute iceberg in big games.


GIANTS straight up

What’s the Bottom Line:

So there is our second Cash Money Lock, Bengals vs. Giants prediction. Hopefully you were one of the ones who followed our advice last week and locked up the win. Professional sports people know that it is not about volume it is about quality. That is why each week Beast the Odds will provide you with the #1 NFL pick that WILL happen. One winner is all you need to stay on top. Follow along for the rest of the season and watch the wins pile up.

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