Fantasy Football Running Backs 2017

Fantasy Football Running Backs

Welcome in to Beast the Odds, back and better than ever for our very first look at 2017. Fantasy Football Running Backs 2017 is our first look at the reinvigorated running back position.

The 2015 season saw only 2 running backs top the 200 Fantasy Football points mark. This past season we had the great pleasure of experiencing 7 running backs scoring over 200 points. Heck, 1 even had 199 so we might as well count him too.

Who is next?

We are going to look at what the top end of next seasons Fantasy Football Running Backs will look like. We will also call out our early picks for Diamonds in the Rough. These will be backs that will probably slit to rounds 5-8 but should be picked in rounds 2-3.

Here is a quick look at the backs who topped the 200-point mark:

Fantasy Football Running Backs

David Johnson313DeMarco Murray231
Ezekiel Elliott280LeGarrette Blount218
LeSean McCoy238Devonta Freeman216
Le’Veon Bell231Melvin Gordon199


What a year for the running back position. There are so many questions as we look forward to 2017. Will there be another Ezekiel Elliot? If so, who will it be, Fornette or Cook? Can the aging backs continue to shine? Yes, I am talking about you LeSean McCoy and you LeGarrette Blount.

Consistency Anyone?

Another important aspect of Fantasy Football Running Backs to keep in mind is consistency. For non PPR leagues a running back who posts 10 points in a week is considered good. Therefore, the players who scored 10+ points consistently are the ones you want.

Only these four backs scored 10+ point at or more than 80% of the time:

Fantasy Football Running Backs

Ezekiel Elliott100.0%
David Johnson93.8%
Le’Veon Bell91.7%
Melvin Gordon83.3%
DeMarco Murray81.3%
LeSean McCoy80.0%


If you are following along, one of the backs who scored 200+ points aren’t even on this list, LeGarrette Blount. Makes you think about what is and should be the most important. Explosion games or consistency?

Who will be the Top Fantasy Football Running Back?

So, who does Beast the Odds think will be the Top Fantasy Football Running Backs in 2017 you ask, well here is our top 5 list. Yes, it is early, but it is never too early to get a jump on the competition.

David Johnson

Le’Veon Bell

Melvin Gordon

Ezekiel Elliot

DeMarco Murray

Could this ranking change in the coming months based on free agency and the draft? Yes of course it can. It will. But for now this is the list, bring on the disagreements!

Diamonds in the Rough

Here are the guys you need to keep your eyes on. They are sure to slip in this years Fantasy Football draft due to age, their team or possibly crowded backfields. Do not be fooled, they will all finish in the Top 10 in Fantasy Football points next season.

Isaiah Crowell

Fantasy Football Running Backs

LeSean McCoy

Fantasy Football Running Backs

C.J. Anderson

Fantasy Football Running Backs



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