NFC Championship Game Blowout Alert

NFC Championship Game Blowout

Welcome in to Beast the Odds, back and better than ever for Championship weekend. NFC Championship Game Blowout, yes, yes indeed. The weeks have been kind to the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. Some say Rodgers is playing the quarterback position better an than anyone, ever. Others believe he has carried a weak team farther than they should have gone. For all you Cowboy fans out there, yes you should have won that game. However, the only person you have to blame is your very own defensive coordinator. Not blitzing on 3rd down and 20 was the mistake that cost you the game.

Enough about last week, lets get to the NFC Championship Game

NFC Championship Game Blowout

There are only two games this weekend. This means that all of the pick’emĀ and prediction pros are all out selling their story on how the game is going to go. You guessed it, so are we.

The Green Bay Packers are riding high off of a big win in Dallas last weekend. It took all that Aaron Rodgers could muster to fend off a second half comeback from the Cowboys. Jared Cook literally used every single inch of the 50 yard wide field on Sunday to secure the win.

These two teams have faced each other already this season. The game came down to the final minutes and ended with Matt Ryan and the Falcons pulling off a 1 point win in Atlanta. The match-up took place early in the season, far before the magical run we find Rodgers on now. Long before people started believing in the Falcons. But, there are a few things we can draw from that game. The first is that the Falcons had nearly 10 tackles for loss and Claiborne and Beasley harassed Rodgers the entire game. While they only tallied 3 total sacks, the pressure was there. Another key was the effectiveness of #2 recieve Mohamed Sanu. Sanu finished the game with 9 catches for 84 yards and a touchdown.

Break-out Player of the Game

NFC Championship Game Blowout

You guessed it, Mohamed Sanu. We will get to the actual game prediction later, for now we will focus on the one player who is going to dominate and that is Sanu. Sanu had a great game against Green Bay earlier this year and is going to play an even bigger role this Sunday. Julio Jones will draw significant attention from the Packers defense allowing Sanu to have his way with one of the worst corners left in the playoffs, LaDarius Gunter. I am certain Gunter is a great guy, but he is not a great corner and has been picked on week after week with great success.

Any other players to keep and eye on you ask? Of course. Based on the way we see the game going Vic Beasley will also have a monster day. Beasley was a bit of a no-show in the Seahawks game but he will make his presence felt this weekend. Rodgers will be spending some extra time in the tub for sure.

NFC Championship Game Blowout

NFC Championship Game Blowout

You heard it here first. This one is not even going to be close. The Atlanta Falcons are going to put an absolute beating on the Green Bay Packers. Matt Ryan is going to show the world why he is the MVP of the NFL, not that cheater Tom Brady. Seriously who wins an MVP in a season where you were suspended for cheating. Do not get me started. NFC Championship game blowout, how is that for a Cash Money Lock.

FINAL SCORE PREDICTION: Atlanta Falcons 45 – 13 over the floundering Aaron Rodgers led Packers

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